Get More Clients Saying "YES!"

Watch these inspiring interviews with former participants of the Get More Clients Saying Yes! course

Jessica Fearnley

Business Consultant to Ambitious Entrepreneurs

I couldn't afford to do it...

Jessica nearly didn't join the course because she couldn't see how it could possibly pay for itself given what she was charging at the time. Listen in to find out what changed for her through taking the course - and how making those shifts helped her to earn 9 times her initial investment within a month of the course ending.

Linda Anderson

EFT Practitioner and Mindset Magician

I already know a lot of this - will I learn enough to make it worthwhile?

Linda's concern about taking the course was that she already had a lot of the key business elements in place and would she learn enough to make it worthwhile? Listen in to find out what's changed for her as a result of learning the key missing piece for her.  Plus the huge difference falling in love with sales has made to her business. I know you'll be inspired!

Hilary Lees

Executive and Leadership Coach for Women

I'm no longer wasting time on marketing that doesn't work...

Hilary talks about how getting crystal clear on her message and ideal client means that she's now finding clients more easily and is no longer wasting time on ineffective marketing activity. And how falling in love with sales after a long career in the NHS (and thinking sales was "icky") means it's more fun and enjoyable too!

Victoria Comiskey

Naturopathic Kinesiologist

I fell back in love with my business...

Victoria shares how as a result of doing the course she went from selling single sessions and feeling stressed about the business side of her work to creating and selling a package that immediately repaid the course fee twice over. She talks about how the biggest benefit to her of doing the course was how it reignited a passion for her business and her clients and how much she's now loving being in business.

Samantha Selby

The Birth Healer

I decided to specialise and it transformed my business...

Samantha shares how she went from thinking sales was a "dirty word" to now loving her sales conversations so much that it doesn't feel like sales, and how 9 out of 10 of them become paying clients. She also talks about how implementing what she learned on the course completely transformed the therapy business she'd been running for 20 years but without a consistent and stable income.

Helen Reynolds

Image & Style Consultant

It put my business on an upward spiral...

Helen talks about the upward spiral created in her business since learning how to have authentic and comfortable sales conversations. She talks about how much easier her marketing has become now that 3 out of every 4 enquiries become paying clients as well as other ways that this has both impacted her business and her confidence in running a business.

Louise Miller

Virtual Assistant and Productivity Expert

Could I really do this as an introvert?

As an introvert Louise was concerned that the programme might require her to stretch too far outside her comfort zone, but she was pleasantly surprised by how gentle and comfortable it was. She shares how learning how to clearly communicate what she does has massively increased her confidence, and helped her to become fully booked within just a year of starting her VA business.

Rosalie Audoin

Marketing Strategist & Coach

Increased her prices, her confidence and her business...

Rosalie talks about the huge difference it has made to her to be able to sell her service as a "solution" or "outcome", rather than by the hour or the session and how this helped her increase her prices, her confidence and grow her business in leaps and bounds.  She also shares how she nearly didn't join, having already made an investment in a similar course.

Denyse Whillier

Business Consultant & Coach

Fully booked in just 9 months...

Denyse decided to do the course ahead of starting her business as she knew that sales was missing from her skill-set.  She loves metrics so she's calculated just how many times over the course has paid for itself in the past few years - it's a lot!  She's now ready to expand her business and grow her team, which she says wouldn't be possible without the confidence of knowing how to attract and enrol new clients consistently.

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