Watch these short videos and start to fall in love with sales

Hi, I'm Catherine Watkin - I'm an expert in heart-centred sales and I work with people who are passionate about making a difference through their work. I show them how to get new clients in a way that feels genuinely authentic and comfortable - for both parties. No 'icky' sales techniques and no more 'closing'. What a relief!

  • Have elegant sales conversations

    ...without using any manipulative or pushy sales techniques

  • Guide your perfect clients to an excited 'Yes please!'

    ...but only if it's really right for them

  • Increase your confidence

    ...and avoid those 'friendly chats' that don't lead anywhere

  • Avoid those 'cringy' moments

    ...when you hear yourself switch from caring consultant to sleazy salesperson


Harriet Waley-Cohen
Health & Wellbeing Coach

I just had to write and tell you how brilliantly your Free '7 Steps to Yes!' system is working for me with my client consultations. I signed up another new client last night after sticking pretty much to the system and it felt natural and totally right so a big THANK YOU from me.

Nicky Moran
Empowering Creatives

Thank you so much for your FREE video e-course. It was excellent. My sales rates used to be hit and miss but since learning your process I have had a 90% success rate with potential clients. I also really enjoy selling now.

Ben Nash
Video Production

I have had two sales calls in the last two weeks using the 7 Steps system from your FREE video series and hey presto - it worked BOTH TIMES. Result! Catherine Watkin you are a hero!

Akasha Lonsdale
Confident Communication

You might like to know that my husband John has been using the FREE '7 Steps to Yes!' outline and getting quite a few new clients as a result. So Big Thanks as always.