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Getting the internal yes

Getting the “Internal Yes”

When I’m asked what the difference is between my style of heart-centred sales and the more traditional sales techniques you can learn elsewhere, there is one really big distinction for me… It’s the difference between the internal “yes” that you get from a more heart-centred conversation and the sort of “yes” that comes as a result of more traditional sales approaches.…


My Pricing Journey

Earlier this week I felt inspired to record a video for you on a topic that is so important for many of us in the context of our business and money stories – my Pricing Journey. I get asked questions about pricing all the time: How do I know if I’m charging enough? I think my prices are too low…


Watch my first attempt at Facebook Live!

This weekend I finally got over some resistance that had been hanging around for a little while and I recorded my first ever Facebook Live video! Now I can’t take the full credit for getting across that resitance hump. You know, the hesitancy about being that visible, the fear of how I might come across, the not quite being sure…

Catherine Watkin Video

Today’s Imperfect Action

This morning I caught myself procrastinating over taking action on something. And I’ve been doing it for quite some time – since the beginning of January in fact. When I realised what I was doing it inspired me to create this quick video for you (4 minutes). In case you’ve been doing the same thing. By the way, it’s imperfect…