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Non pushy sales

How to get Clients without being Pushy

At an event I was attending I got chatting with a lady sitting next to me and asked her  “What do you do?”.  Fifteen minutes later she hadn’t paused for breath and I was hemmed into a corner wondering how I could make my escape. Along the same lines, I had a conversation with a financial advisor but I was…

give them what they want

Give them what they want, not what they need

I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase plenty of times before: Give them what they want, not what they need. And I’m sure you’ve always felt a bit suspicious of it too.   After all it just has that ring of the manipulative about it doesn’t it?   Surely the authentic thing to do would be to be honest with your client…


5 Mistakes that are Costing you Sales

Do you find that you are frequently having conversations with potential clients that don’t end with a “Yes please!” from an excited and committed client? Does it leave you feeling confused because, honestly, you thought you had great rapport and connection, and you don’t understand what went wrong? If so then chances are you too are making one or more…


Consider this a Bonus

In my blog last week on “Getting a Decision on the Spot” I mentioned that I like to use a bonus or incentive to encourage potential clients to make a quick decision – rather than follow their very natural and normal human instinct to procrastinate and think about it.   As a result I received a few emails asking about the…

give them what they want

Are you giving them what they want?

If you’re a heart centred business owner the following scenario might feel familiar to you: You are talking to a potential new client and they are telling you all about their problem and how they want things to be instead: This might be to lose weight, find a new job, start a business, find a man or make more money.…


Seeding – your secret weapon for non-pushy sales

  I don’t teach many “traditional” sales techniques in my programmes. This is because so many of them are based on psychological manipulation and NLP techniques that genuinely heart-centred business owners simply don’t feel comfortable using. “Icky” is a word that gets used a lot! But one very powerful technique from traditional sales that I love and you can master very easily is…

Non attachment

Non-Attachment – Not Indifference

One of the secrets to a successful sales conversation – one that ends with your ideal client saying “Yes please!” to working with you – is Non-Attachment. This means genuinely being OK with whatever decision your client makes – whether that is to work with you or not. If you are in any way personally attached to the outcome then…

do they trust you

Do They Trust You?

Sales is all about Trust. Well, OK, it’s about a bit more than that too. But really that’s pretty much what it comes down to. Your new potential client needs to trust you on a number of levels if you are going to be able to lead them to a resounding “Yes please!” decision to work with you. Firstly, they…

happy people

“Happy People Sell”

I don’t watch a lot of TV (I haven’t owned one for 13 years) but every now and again I get completely captivated by something on catch-up TV.  And that’s what’s happened last week when I discovered The Call Centre on BBC (If like me you missed it first time around, it’s going to be re-run from this Sunday and…

Broke my own rules

How I broke my own Rules for Non-pushy Sales

An interesting thing happened this weekend – I found myself breaking one of my own cardinal rules of non-pushy sales. I spent the weekend at Nick James’ “Ultimate Product Launch” seminar learning strategies to help me launch my new workshop “Selling from the Heart from Speaking” later this year. Now, the value of attending seminars is not just about what…

rushing clients

Why Rushing your Clients could be Scaring them off

My first big live event “Selling from the Heart Live” at the weekend went fabulously.  We had 70 lovely heart-centred women and men all learning how to sell  and attract clients in a way that feels authentic and comfortable for everyone involved – No red arrows and shouty “buy-now” buttons on your website, or talking at people until they are…

are your clients feeling heard

Are your Clients Feeling Heard?

One of the most important gifts you can give your client during a sales conversation is to let them feel heard.  But are you letting your client – and your business – down in your eagerness to help and serve? As you know, I recommend that you develop connection with your client and get to understand what has drawn them…