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Getting the internal yes

Getting the “Internal Yes”

When I’m asked what the difference is between my style of heart-centred sales and the more traditional sales techniques you can learn elsewhere, there is one really big distinction for me… It’s the difference between the internal “yes” that you get from a more heart-centred conversation and the sort of “yes” that comes as a result of more traditional sales approaches.…


Why is sales so difficult when you care?

I’ve been flying below the radar a bit just recently.  In fact it’s been a whole month (blimey, how did that happen??) since I last wrote an article for the blog. I wish I could say it was down to this glorious British summer and that I’ve been too busy basking by the pool at the local lido, or reading…

Confused Mind

A Confused Mind Says “No”

As you know, I want my role in your life to be to help you get more clients saying “Yes Please!” to working with you. This doesn’t only mean doing the things you need to do to guide them naturally to a Yes.   It also means NOT doing those things that you might unwittingly do to cause them to…


When you Wobble your Client Wobbles

Today I wanted to give you a quick reminder of how important it is to bring a solid, confident foundation to your sales interactions because When You Wobble Your Client Wobbles What I mean by this is that in your interactions with potential clients you radiate a certain energy, and it’s an energy that your client picks up on, often…


Lowering the Shield – the secret to non-pushy sales

I know that as a heart-centred business owner it is easy to feel anxious about entering into a sales situation because of a fear of inadvertently coming across as pushy. But the thing is, without a really good understanding of what is happening energetically in the sales interaction it is really easy to unintentionally do just that – and push…

paying client

When is a Client not a Client?

You know you have those phrases that you find yourself saying so often that they almost become one of your personal mantras? Well, this is a post about one of mine. You see, I frequently have clients that post in one of my private Facebook groups something like this: “Yay!  I’ve got a new client!  I met her at networking…

Sales Mastery

Is it time to Commit to Sales Mastery?

Now, those of you who know me well will know that I do have my “soapbox” moments!  And there’s something in particular that I find myself getting into a bit of a rant about every now and again. I wrote about it last year and it certainly triggered quite a response. It’s an important message and it still bugs me…

Non pushy sales

How to get Clients without being Pushy

At an event I was attending I got chatting with a lady sitting next to me and asked her  “What do you do?”.  Fifteen minutes later she hadn’t paused for breath and I was hemmed into a corner wondering how I could make my escape. Along the same lines, I had a conversation with a financial advisor but I was…

No sale

What to do when your Client says “No”

What do you do in that awkward moment at the end of a sales conversation where the client decides “Thank you, but No”? Do your sales conversations end smoothly when the client says “Yes” but descend into awkwardness if it’s a No?   If so, you are not alone. I recently attended an event where the host made an offer for…

give them what they want

Give them what they want, not what they need

I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase plenty of times before: Give them what they want, not what they need. And I’m sure you’ve always felt a bit suspicious of it too.   After all it just has that ring of the manipulative about it doesn’t it?   Surely the authentic thing to do would be to be honest with your client…


5 Mistakes that are Costing you Sales

Do you find that you are frequently having conversations with potential clients that don’t end with a “Yes please!” from an excited and committed client? Does it leave you feeling confused because, honestly, you thought you had great rapport and connection, and you don’t understand what went wrong? If so then chances are you too are making one or more…


Consider this a Bonus

In my blog last week on “Getting a Decision on the Spot” I mentioned that I like to use a bonus or incentive to encourage potential clients to make a quick decision – rather than follow their very natural and normal human instinct to procrastinate and think about it.   As a result I received a few emails asking about the…