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The missing question that cost him the sale

The Missing Question that Cost the Sale

Almost every time I come to be on the buying end of a transaction, I get valuable lessons and reminders about the sales process that I know are useful to share with you. But not always.  What I find is that when a sales process is good it feels comfortable and seamless and I walk away from the call with…

The sales conversation - what could go wrong

The Sales Conversation – What can go wrong?

When I speak to small business owners and clients in my programmes, even though they want more clients they often find they shy away from sales situations, and feel extremely uncomfortable aboaut entering into a sales conversation because of their fears and worries about all the things that could “go wrong”: Watch the video below or scroll down to read…


Let them make their own decision

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when in a sales conversation or a sales situation is to appear to make the decision on behalf of the potential client. You’ll know what I mean because you’ve probably been on the receiving end of this yourself.   Where the other person appears to have made their mind up well in advance…

Why would they spend money on me?

“Why would they spend their money on me?”

There is a block that is really surprisingly common amongst the types of heart-centered business owners that I tend to work with:   Doubting the value that you can bring your clients, doubting your own self-worth and doubting the value of the work that you do – they’re all slightly different, but closely related. Watch the video or scroll down to…

Why they say YES and disappear

They say “YES” then disappear

Today I’m addressing a very common complaint that I hear from small business owners:  That their potential clients say, “Yes, I’m going to work with you,” or, “Yes, I’m going to buy your programme,” and then they disappear.  They don’t book in, they don’t pay, you can’t get a hold of them, and you don’t hear from them again. And…

Why they're just not getting it [your value]

Why they’re just not getting your Value

I recently did a survey of my community asking you about your biggest challenge when it comes to getting clients.  The number one response from the survey by quite a long way was struggling to communicate the value of what you do and not being able to demonstrate to potential clients why what you do can make a difference to…

How NOT to convince people to buy from you

How NOT to convince people to buy from you

There’s something I often hear from people who are looking for help with their sales: “I can’t convince people to buy from me” or “I can’t persuade people to pay for my services”.  What am I doing wrong? Traditional sales methods would have us think that trying to convince or persuade someone is the goal of the sales conversation. However,…

The Pushmi-Pullyu of Sales Conversations

The Pushmi-Pullyu of the Sales Conversation

Today I want to talk to you about the Pushmi-Pullyu of the sales conversation. Do you remember the Pushmi-Pullyu? If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a two-headed animal who has a head on opposing sides of his body. He’s a character from the book and the film Dr. Doolittle. There’s actually a Pushmi-Pullyu in your sales conversations too! What…

The vulnerability of sales

The Vulnerability of Sales

There’s so much that we do in business that makes us feel vulnerable. Of course we want clients to notice us and to be attracted to us, but putting ourselves out there can feel scary, because we’re opening ourselves up for potential criticism and rejection. Watch the video below or scroll down for the blog. Some marketers say that if…


My Clients Can’t Afford Me

This is a story about me and my business. But it is also a story about you. You see, my clients can’t afford to work with me. Let me tell you more: There is a particular type of person who I feel most strongly called to work with and with whom I do my best work and get the best…

Understanding the "No"

Understanding the “No”

Today I want to talk to you about understanding the “No” that you sometimes get at the end of a sales conversation. I’ve noticed a tendency amongst my clients to beat themselves up if a potential client says that “No”. They question themselves, thinking they did something wrong or that they are a failure because they couldn’t get the client…

Getting the internal yes

Getting the “Internal Yes”

When I’m asked what the difference is between my style of heart-centred sales and the more traditional sales techniques you can learn elsewhere, there is one really big distinction for me… It’s the difference between the internal “yes” that you get from a more heart-centred conversation and the sort of “yes” that comes as a result of more traditional sales approaches.…