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4 Lessons from buying Transformation from my own student

Recently I made a decision to do a big piece of what I call the “inner work”. In the earlier days of my business I made regular investments in shifting the subconscious blocks that were causing me to self-sabotage. Things like an unconscious fear of success because that might mean overwhelm and a relapse of my ME/CFS symptoms, and later…

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The Therapists and the Money Pots

Something that I notice a lot when speaking to my the people going through my Get More Clients Saying Yes! course is the habit of making assumptions about a potential clients ability to afford to work with them. Here are some of the things that I hear. “My clients are all therapists – they can’t afford my prices” “She’s retired…


Should I be Discounting my Pricing right now? (Covid-19)

I understand that there is a huge genuine desire to help and serve right now when many people are struggling to adapt to being at home, the anxiety created by the current pandemic, and for some groups of people (but not all) a concern about how their income is being affected.   And I know that for many of my clients…


My Pricing Journey

Earlier this week I felt inspired to record a video for you on a topic that is so important for many of us in the context of our business and money stories – my Pricing Journey. I get asked questions about pricing all the time: How do I know if I’m charging enough? I think my prices are too low…

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When is a Client not a Client?

You know you have those phrases that you find yourself saying so often that they almost become one of your personal mantras? Well, this is a post about one of mine. You see, I frequently have clients that post in one of my private Facebook groups something like this: “Yay!  I’ve got a new client!  I met her at networking…


Are You Resisting Packaging your Services?

Something that comes up time and again with clients when they first start working with me is the issue of selling their services as a “package” or “programme” rather than by the hour or session by session. I find that a lot of people struggle at first to get their heads around why it could be so important and even…


Are you Funny About Money?

My “Get More Clients Saying Yes!” programme started last week and the first module was spent exploring how our beliefs and attitudes connected to sales and selling can really hold us back in our businesses – after all, if you believe there is something inherently “dirty” about the whole process of sales or that it is “wrong” to charge money…