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Annette Self

Client in the Spotlight: Annette Self

I introduced a new series called Client in the Spotlight last month and I’ve been delighted with the positive feedback from you all – it’s gone down a storm.  I’m so glad that I’m able to showcase the real “stars of the show” – my clients who are making a success of their heart-centred businesses. So I’m really delighted to introduce…

Helen Reynolds

Client in the Spotlight: Helen Reynolds

These are my clients and customers – the heart-centred business owners who have joined me to learn effective ways to get new clients – without compromising their integrity. They are the people who care passionately about what they do and love making a difference to others through their work.  Yet they know that they can only do that through connecting…


School’s Out for Summer!

So it’s the first Monday of July and this week has a “schools out” feel here at Selling from the Heart! Because as of Friday my private mentoring group, Business from the Heart has officially broken up for the holidays. This is the first year that I’ve built in a summer break into the programme and I’ve decided to share…


The Business of Walking the Camino

The Business of Walking the Camino – aka “putting one step in front of the other” April was a busy month for me – as well as “business as usual” I managed to fit in a long weekend in North Wales to visit my parents, a 5 day trip to the Camino Santiago in Spain, and my 2 day Selling…


Taking time to celebrate 2014

I’ve been having a bit of a of “déjà vu” moment this morning. Here’s how:  Back in 2013 – on January 18th to be precise – I was having a bit of a stress because I hadn’t sent an email out to my list in literally months.  It had been such a busy year for me putting the foundations under my…


Who are you being in 2014?

Let me start by wishing you a belated but very sincere Happy New Year! Belated because after an extended Christmas break in my “spiritual home” of South Goa I seem to be running about 2 weeks behind on everything! And you know, I’m secretly a little proud of myself for that. Sometimes it’s the right thing to do to push…

Non attachment

Non-Attachment – Not Indifference

One of the secrets to a successful sales conversation – one that ends with your ideal client saying “Yes please!” to working with you – is Non-Attachment. This means genuinely being OK with whatever decision your client makes – whether that is to work with you or not. If you are in any way personally attached to the outcome then…

happy people

“Happy People Sell”

I don’t watch a lot of TV (I haven’t owned one for 13 years) but every now and again I get completely captivated by something on catch-up TV.  And that’s what’s happened last week when I discovered The Call Centre on BBC (If like me you missed it first time around, it’s going to be re-run from this Sunday and…

What's your big why

What’s YOUR Big Why?

I’m currently reading Simon Sinek’s book “Start with Why”. In it he looks at how great businesses like Apple inspire action and loyalty in both their employees and customers through first and foremost communicating the reason “Why” they are in business rather than the “What” or the “How”. Because before they ‘buy’ the thing that you do or the way…


Don’t Try to Sell!

One important piece of advice I like to give to anyone wanting to improve their sales conversations – and so increase the number of clients saying “Yes Please!” to working with you – is this:  Don’t Try to Sell. “What?”  I can almost hear you asking me with that puzzled tone “I’m reading your blog because I want to learn…

healing power

The Healing Power of the Sales Conversation

You don’t have to be a coach or healer for a sales conversation to be a healing experience for your client. It is just the same if you are a web designer or an accountant, or providing any other service. If you are working from the heart and are really committed to making a difference to your clients then, rather than…

riding the elephant

Are your Rider and Elephant Working Together?

I’ve just finished reading a fantastic book “Switch – How to Change Things When Change is Hard” by Chip and Dan Heath. In it the authors draw on decades of scientific studies as well as examples of real-life turnarounds to analyse why we find change so hard, and what needs to happen for it to be easier. This got me…