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Are you failing to fail?

I want to talk to you about a something a client of mine did recently, because I’m wondering if you’re doing enough of this yourself? The thing she did was to fail spectacularly at something. We’ve only recently started working together and one of the first things I advised her to do, and that she was willing to go out…


How I planned my 2018

I’ve been back at work for 2 weeks after my month-long break over Christmas and New Year (and my birthday too!) and so far January has been a complete whirlwind. What with VIP days with new private clients, late Christmas lunch with the Business from the Heart mentoring Alumni (pictured) and kicking off a brand new Membership Community (currently in…

Catherine Watkin speaking at Selling from the Heart Live

My Top 3 “Aha!” Moments : Selling from the Heart Live!

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind over here just lately (in a good way!).  Hot on the heels of delivering my Get More Clients Saying Yes! online programme to 105 new participants and 87 “refreshers”, last weekend I spent a magical 2 days with nearly a hundred heart-centred business owners at my annual event, Selling from the Heart Live!…

Taking time to celebrate 2017

Taking Time To Celebrate 2017

On the day you read this there will be still 13 days of 2017 left to go…. but from a business perspective this week marks the end of another year and I like to think that, like me, you’ll be giving yourself valuable time over Christmas to rest and recharge.  Because of course your ability to run your busines and…

Why being visible is hurting your business

Why trying to be visible is hurting your business

I want to talk about something that’s been troubling me for a little while now. It’s the idea that you have to be visible if you want your business to work, and how for some of us this idea could actually be hurting our businesses. Watch the video below or scroll down to read more. In the last six months, I’ve…

Celebrate Problems

Celebrate your Problems!

Many years ago when I first got introduced to the world of personal development I trained with a mentor who used to say: “Successful people don’t stop having problems.  They just have better quality problems” What he meant was that life and business are never going to be easy and smooth and we are always going to have problems.   But…

What 8 years in business has taught me

What’s YOUR Big Why?

I’m currently reading Simon Sinek’s book “Start with Why”. In it he looks at how great businesses like Apple inspire action and loyalty in both their employees and customers through first and foremost communicating the reason “Why” they are in business rather than the “What” or the “How”. Because before they ‘buy’ the thing that you do or the way…

Letting go

Why I’ve been “letting go” instead of setting goals

Happy Lunar New Year (aka Chinese new year)! Traditionally this is a time of “cleansing” to sweep away any evil spirits lurking from the previous year so this is a really great week for letting go of anything that no longer serves you so you can flourish in 2017. And this is exactly what I’ve been doing. Instead of my…

Selling from the Heart Live

Celebrating 5 years in business (and how I did it)

The photo below is of me with my gorgeous community of heart-centred business owners at  Selling from the Heart Live last week. It was an important occasion because it took place on Saturday 26th November 2016. Almost exactly 5 years to the day since, on Sunday 27th November 2011, in a small,  unglamorous training venue tucked away in the heart…


Watch my first attempt at Facebook Live!

This weekend I finally got over some resistance that had been hanging around for a little while and I recorded my first ever Facebook Live video! Now I can’t take the full credit for getting across that resitance hump. You know, the hesitancy about being that visible, the fear of how I might come across, the not quite being sure…

Lynn Hord

Client in the Spotlight: Lynn Hord

Today I’m talking to Lynn Hord:  Lynn is a bit special because, having started out as a client (first on the “Get More Clients Saying Yes!” course, and then in the “Business from the Heart Mentoring Programme”), this year Lynn has graduated to become one of a small team of outstanding Coaches who work alongside me to support my mentoring…

shiny object syndrome

“Shiny Object Season” is here again

This is an adaptation of a post that I wrote just over a year ago – it feels like it’s “that time of year” again so I’m reposting it as it could act as a timely reminder for you. The post last year was prompted by one of my clients posting in our Facebook group that she hadn’t had time…