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It's good enough for now

It’s good enough for now

Last week I was working on a really important project but found myself getting stuck and just not making the sort of progress I wanted to.  I ended up spending a whole day yet at the end felt I wasn’t getting anywhere and as a result was feeling really frustrated and unhappy with myself. Until I realised what it was…

Catherine Watkin of Selling from the Heart

Taking Time to Review and Celebrate 2018

Happy New Year!  New Years always have that bit of extra meaning to me because my birthday falls on 30th December so it’s a new “age year” as well as calendar year, which gives any planning or intention setting that bit of extra significance. I like to do my planning for the year in early January, when my head is…


Why I break for Christmas (and think you should too)

At the time you are watching this, it’s be the the last working week before Christmas here at Selling from the Heart HQ. From 14th December we close the office for the whole of the Christmas period, until Monday 7th January.   We’ll be putting the “out of office” on the inbox and the phone service, and going off to have…

have you lost your mojo

Lost your Mojo? …here’s why it’s a good thing!

It’s early September again, with that “back to school” feel – not only if you’ve got kids, but for all of us who took time off over the summer as we gear up ready to get back into the flow of work and business. There is one thing I am guaranteed to hear several times a day at the moment…

Is it time for radical action?

What happened when I took “Radical Action”

I’m doing this video today because I wanted to talk to you about taking radical action in our lives or our businesses when there’s something really important to us that we want to achieve. As you know, I’m currently promoting Ann Wilson’s Financial Freedom University, and taking “radical action” is one of the things she talks about within that programme.  …

Catherine enjoying her radio appearance in Perth

How to build a business you’ll stay in love with

On my last day in Australia I was interviewed on local radio RTR FM 92.1. It was supposed to be an interview about authentic sales but we got sidetracked onto a favourite topic of mine and ended up doing an impromtpu session on: How to build a business you’ll stay in love with You can listen to the interview here…

Can I be "heart-centred" and still be successful?

Can I be Heart-Centred and still be successful?

“Heart-Centred” is a phrase that I use a lot when talking about my approach to business. I first heard it at a time when I was struggling to define who I was in business and who I was here to serve.   When I came across it I instantly felt:  “That’s it!  That’s me… and those are my clients!”. That little…

Woman looking out the window

Are you failing to fail?

I want to talk to you about a something a client of mine did recently, because I’m wondering if you’re doing enough of this yourself? The thing she did was to fail spectacularly at something. We’ve only recently started working together and one of the first things I advised her to do, and that she was willing to go out…


How I planned my 2018

I’ve been back at work for 2 weeks after my month-long break over Christmas and New Year (and my birthday too!) and so far January has been a complete whirlwind. What with VIP days with new private clients, late Christmas lunch with the Business from the Heart mentoring Alumni (pictured) and kicking off a brand new Membership Community (currently in…

Catherine Watkin speaking at Selling from the Heart Live

My Top 3 “Aha!” Moments : Selling from the Heart Live!

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind over here just lately (in a good way!).  Hot on the heels of delivering my Get More Clients Saying Yes! online programme to 105 new participants and 87 “refreshers”, last weekend I spent a magical 2 days with nearly a hundred heart-centred business owners at my annual event, Selling from the Heart Live!…

Taking time to celebrate 2017

Taking Time To Celebrate 2017

On the day you read this there will be still 13 days of 2017 left to go…. but from a business perspective this week marks the end of another year and I like to think that, like me, you’ll be giving yourself valuable time over Christmas to rest and recharge.  Because of course your ability to run your busines and…

Why being visible is hurting your business

Why trying to be visible is hurting your business

I want to talk about something that’s been troubling me for a little while now. It’s the idea that you have to be visible if you want your business to work, and how for some of us this idea could actually be hurting our businesses. Watch the video below or scroll down to read more. In the last six months, I’ve…