Are You Resisting Packaging your Services?

Are You Resisting Packaging your Services?

Something that comes up time and again with clients when they first start working with me is the issue of selling their services as a “package” or “programme” rather than by the hour or session by session.
I find that a lot of people struggle at first to get their heads around why it could be so important and even transformative for their business.  I hear a lot of resistance such as:

“What if they say no and I lose the client altogether”?
“But everyone else in my sector sells by the hour, how will I be able to compete?”
“I don’t know how to package what I do”

But eventually the penny drops and they come up with a programme – maybe just a simple one to start with.

And then they have the courage to go out there and offer it.

And then their business transforms!

So, I thought I’d write this blog to talk about why, if you’re not already doing it, packaging your services rather than selling by the hour is so important for you and your clients.

1.  Your Client gets better Results

When you are selling your services as a package over a period of time, both you and the client enter the relationship in a completely different frame of mind.   Instead of the “trading time for money” model you move into a “results based” model.   Instead of “lets see how it goes” you and the client are committing together to achieving an end result.

You are saying to them “I can help you get the outcome you want – together we really CAN do this and based on my experience of working with other clients, this is the programme that has been designed to help you get there”.

And your client is committing right up front to getting the outcome that they want that is going to change their business, finances, relationships – life.   They are more optimistic and more likely to stick with the programme until the end.

Your clients’ expectations are also more realistic.  They understand from the beginning that it is a process and a journey – and even if there are ups and downs along the way, they will keep going.   They don’t stop working with you just because they haven’t experienced a miracle by session two or because life just gets in the way.

2.  It increases your Confidence

Because the client now stays with you long enough to see a tangible difference, you finally get to make the difference you have gone into business to make.  This hugely increases a sense of satisfaction in your work, and your confidence skyrockets.

I meet so many coaches, therapists, holistic practitioners and consultants, for whom one of the biggest blocks to sales, is not having confidence in what they are offering because they don’t have a solid sense of the results they can help people to get.  Is this any surprise if you are letting your clients “check you out” over 1-2 sessions and then  drift away with a vague feeling that “it just didn’t work for them”?   If you sell by the package your clients are more likely to stay the course and YOU and start feeling that you ARE making that difference that you went into business to make.

3.  It’s better for your Business

Selling packages is better for your business because you only have to sell to each client once.  In coaching, healing or therapy of any sort, there is often a pattern of selling the client a single session and then at the end of that session you ask if they want to book another (or maybe you don’t even do that – after all the last thing you want is to appear to be “selling” something!).

It means that at the end of every session you have put your energy into selling them on coming back for the next session.  Now as you know I am passionate about you getting really good at sales but we all know that you’re not in business because you’re a sales person!!   You’re in business because you’ve got a difference to make and that’s where you want to be putting your energy – not into selling to the same client over and over again.

It also means that you are able to take the time to serve your client fully at the very beginning by taking them through a thorough sales conversation – it doesn’t make sense to do this for just a single session – it makes the whole process very hit and miss.

4.   Better for your Finances

Let’s say you are a coach and your session rate is £100.  You decide to package your services and now offer a 3 month programme for £600.  And let’s say, for the sake of the example, your break even point to cover your business expenses and pay your basic living costs is £2,400 per month.   When selling by the package you’ve only got to attract and bring on four new clients a month in order to meet that target.   If you were charging by the session you’d have to bring in a total of 24 new clients in a month.  24!!!!!   Is it any wonder you feel burned out, are always chasing your tail, seem to work all hours and wonder whether you should go back to your job ?

And if you know how many clients you need to take on each month to reach your financial targets, it enables you to plan your business activity around that – cashflow becomes consistent and you get off the rollercoaster of “feast and famine”.

Now you are on an Upward Spiral!

So hopefully, you can see that if you sell packages instead of single sessions, this puts you and the client on an upward spiral.  You help your clients get better results and they are delighted.  Your confidence increases and you start to love your business.   You start collecting success stories, case studies and great testimonials.   Your happy clients tell all their friends about you.  Your cash flow becomes more manageable.

You are getting better result for your clients with less effort.

Convinced but not sure how to package your services?
In my “Get More Clients Saying Yes!” Programme I take you through a process of designing your package.

But in the meantime why not start with something simple?   For example simply move to selling your services in blocks of six – and let me know what a difference that makes!

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