When do I move from 121 to sell one-to-many?

When do I move from 121 to sell one-to-many?


During a Q&A call for my “Get More Clients Saying Yes!” course a little while back one of my students asked me:

“Networking is so inefficient – is there a quicker, easier way for me to get clients?”

What she was really asking me was about leverage, and it was such a great question it got me thinking and I thought I’d answer it for you too.

You see, when you first start out in business, normally your ability to leverage (i.e. to sell “one to many” and then deliver your programmes to a group) is limited.  For example, I started out with a mailing list of zero, nobody really knew what I did or even that I existed, and I hadn’t learned to stand out amongst all the online noise.

So I met my potential clients in 121 situations like networking and invited them to have a 121 conversation (the sales conversation), and then I delivered my coaching service; again, 121.  (And back then most networking was extra time consuming as it all took place offline –  there wasn’t the range of options we have today of doing face-to-face networking online on zoom).  But it was still the most effective way to get started.

When someone joins my “Get More Clients Saying Yes” course they might not have a large online community or a mailing list that they can invite to Discovery Sessions, or speaking engagements booked in the diary, or a Facebook Ads strategy that is bringing a steady flow of leads.

But they still want and need clients!   And one of the quickest ways to get clients from a standing start is to get out networking.

Sell to Many

You simply get out to an “in-person” event  where your clients are going to be, or join an online version over Zoom, armed with your “Captivating Introduction”, meet real people, develop “know like and trust” very quickly, invite people into your sales conversations, and start building an army of ambassadors who will recommend you to others.

So networking done well is really powerful, and in fact, I know of several people who have become fully booked with a waitlist just from networking alone.

But my student was absolutely right, after a while this can feel like the hard way, and as you get a few of your key foundations in place you can start to graduate to more leveraged ways of getting clients (i.e. moving from 121 to one-to-many), for example:

How you market
You might market one to many through joint venture arrangements, through online marketing via social media platforms, or via email marketing to your own community.

How you sell
You might now be selling to a large audience via speaking gigs, webinars, or sales copy on a web page.

How you deliver
Some people love working with their clients 121 and would never want to change this.  Others, and I include myself here, graduate to more leveraged methods.  In my case I mostly work with people through my group online programme and group mentoring programme – I do very little 121 work.

Beware of Running before you can Walk
But be careful of wanting to run before you can walk.   It can be so easy, when you’re starting out in business, to look up at the success of others who you can see are filling their programmes via webinars, emailing their own large mailing list, or driving traffic with Facebook Ads into Discovery Sessions for their high-end programmes. You feel that you want to be there too! However, moving too fast can be counterproductive so beware of rushing without putting in place the important foundations that will help you to get there.

The thing is, if you go and ask these people they will all tell you (with very few exceptions) – that they also started out selling 121 and delivering 121.

And trust me, it can be really hard to move to the more leveraged ways of selling without starting at the ground level.

You see when you attract your clients and have your sales conversations 121 you:

  • Get to understand and know your ideal client on a deep level – their dreams, desires, and fears
  • Learn what language they use to communicate their challenges and this helps you to communicate a message that resonates with them deeply (this is essential if you are to get much traction online)
  • Understand the concerns and worries that are most likely to prevent them from working with you
  • Know what they really need and want so that when you offer them a programme or a package they go “oh, yes please, I really need this”
  • Practice your sales conversations so that you become really, really good at guiding people through a conversation.

And without these important foundational pieces, you are likely to be disappointed and frustrated, whatever methods you use to attract clients.

So start where you are – it really is the only way to get to where you want to be!

So is networking really inefficient?
So if you say to me “networking is inefficient” I want to know what part of it is not working for you.   I might ask:

  • How many networking events, online or offline, have you attended in the past month?
  • As a result of that networking, how many referrals have you generated?
  • How many sales conversations have you generated?
  • How many of those sales conversations have turned into a paying client?

Because, if the answer is something like “I’ve been networking 12 times in the past month and I haven’t had a single sales conversation or new client as a result” then I know that it’s not the networking that’s the problem, but that you  haven’t yet nailed your sales process.

  • Maybe your Captivating Introduction isn’t compelling – you are sounding bland and not capturing anyone’s imagination
  • Maybe you haven’t yet mastered how to gently guide someone from a casual conversation into a sales conversation without leaving them feeling uncomfortable
  • Maybe you haven’t got really good at having a conversation where you skilfully guide someone through a sales conversation that ends in them making a decision to work with you – IF they know it’s right for them.

And if your networking is inefficient because of one of these reasons then when you leverage you won’t magically get more clients – you will just be leveraging your lack of success and frustration.  Zero multiplied by 500 is still zero!

Fix the hole in your bucket
I’ve used the analogy many times before – your marketing process is a bit like pouring water into a bucket.  If your bucket has a hole in the bottom all of your time, money and effort is wasted.

So plug that hole by nailing your message and your sales process – once you’ve done that you can get busy growing your mailing list, seeking speaking gigs, and using online marketing strategies.  And the sky becomes the limit!

Networking isn’t for everyone
And of course, networking isn’t for everyone.  Yes, it’s a great place to start out as it is so easy and quick to get results, but if it’s not in your natural flow, you won’t want to do it for too long.  But you have to start somewhere and there really is no better way than networking for getting a client from a complete standing start, especially if aspects of your message are still not clear.

  • And once you know that your Captivating Introduction has a Velcro-like effect on the people you meet and they are always wanting to know more,
  • And you know how to draw someone gently into a sales conversation without them feeling you are being pushy,
  • And you know how to guide them skillfully to a “Yes Please!” when you know your work is right for them…

Then you know you have the foundations of something amazing  – and you can take that out into the world and shout from the rooftops to much larger audiences, both off and online.

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Happy Selling!


With Love & Gratitude,


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