It’s good enough for now

It’s good enough for now

Last week I was working on a really important project but found myself getting stuck and just not making the sort of progress I wanted to.  I ended up spending a whole day yet at the end felt I wasn’t getting anywhere and as a result was feeling really frustrated and unhappy with myself.

Until I realised what it was that was getting in the way.  And I thought that if this was holding me back it might just be the same for you, so I created this video in case you would also benefit from this reminder.

Watch the video below or scroll down to read the blog to find out more

Here’s what I shared in the video:

I was in process of creating some introductory training content for my new membership site and I’d got my video kit all set up ready to do that.

In January 2018 I’d started a new membership community built around a pathway called “The 5 Stages of a Successful Heart-Centred Business” which enables me to take members on a journey from joining the membership through the stages to creating a genuinely successful and sustainable, heart-centred business, without compromising their values or integrity.

The next step of the plan was to create an introductory video training to talk people through these five stages of business, and share the things that I think are important to know and think about when it comes to starting and running a small business.

So far so good – Except I got stuck. Particularly on the first day I just didn’t seem to be getting any real momentum. I’d spent a day beforehand planning out what I wanted to say in the videos, but by the end of the day I didn’t feel I’d made much progress, and was feeling incredibly frustrated.

I didn’t see what was happening until I went for a walk the next morning when I realised that the reason I was getting stuck was because I had slipped back into some old perfectionist tendencies and had forgotten a very, very important mantra, which I leaned on very heavily during my first two years in business…

“Good enough is perfect”

If I hadn’t been able to live by this mantra “Good enough is perfect” during my first two years in business, I don’t think I would ever have run my first workshop. I wouldn’t have run my first webinar to sell my first online programme or made my first sales from a live talk.   I wouldn’t have created and delivered my first online programme, or un my first big live event.  And I definitely wouldn’t have launched my first mentoring programme.

I became comfortable (ish!) in those first two years with being willing to get moving and putting things out there even when things were not perfect. And when I say they were not perfect, they were really not perfect. My branding and my online presence was nothing like it is today. I didn’t have the money, the resources, the team to do things that looked glossy and professional. So everything was a bit cobbled together. I didn’t have the right tech set up. My course just used to sit on a page on my website instead of in a members area, I didn’t have a proper sales page. I used to run workshops without branded Powerpoints.   If I look back, much of what I put out there just didn’t look great – at all.

And I always felt that my training content wasn’t “good enough” and that I needed more time to get it better – yet I kept on launching courses and running live events anyway.

In fact in less than 2 years I did my first live talk to sell from speaking, ran my first webinar, created 3 separate online programmes, ran 4 live events and launched my first mentoring group.

And there was so much in those 2 years that was far from perfect, was not glossy, just didn’t really have the look and feel that I was completely happy with and wasn’t, in truth,  “good enough” according to my own high standards, yet I got on with it and took action.  And it was the action I took in those first two years of business that really propelled me forward to where I am now.

It's good enough for now

It was when I was out having a walk yesterday morning that it suddenly came to me that the reason I was struggling so much to create this video content was because I had managed to completely forget that all important early mantra to help me overcome my perfectionist tendencies.

So I’ve gone back to my roots and adapted my mantra a little to…

“Good enough for now”

So today I’m continuing with recording this introductory content, but this time without worrying about whether it’s perfect, whether I’m getting the exact message across in the exact way I mean to, or worrying too much about the position or angle of the camera,  how it looks or whether there is there an awkward hesitation or a pause or somewhere where I stumble over my words.

All of those places where I feel naturally inclined to go back and re-record, I’m now saying to myself, “Good enough for now, just keep going, keep recording. It’s good enough for now!”

(An update:  After recording this video – which was as much a reminder for me as for you –  I recorded over 20 videos for my new membership site. So it might not be “perfect” – but it is going to be “done”.  Which in business is usually the part that really matters!)

There are 3 reasons it’s important we can get comfortable with “good enough for now”:

1. I can always change it later.

If I get it “good enough for now”, I can always come back and recreate this content later on.

2. I don’t want to delay things.

If I don’t opt for the mantra “Good enough for now” and I slip back into my perfectionist tendencies, there’s a very high chance that I won’t have this content created in time and it will delay the actual creation and build of the new membership site. That, in turn, will delay me being able to launch the membership, which will delay me being able to welcome in a new batch of members and give them the support in growing their businesses that I know I’m able to give.

3. My clients will be happy even if I’m not.

The other thing I need to remind myself is that when we are perfectionists, we have a tendency to not be completely happy with anything that less than a 100% of the quality we know we are capable of putting out there if we just worked harder, re-recorded it, made it a little bit more perfect. But actually, our clients are usually more than happy – even delighted – with what we would consider to be 60% or 70% of our highest quality work. And so it becomes so much more important that we’re willing to put our work out there when it’s less than perfect in order that our clients can benefit from what we have to share.

Do you have perfectionist tendencies? Here’s a challenge for you.

I created this video spontaneously because I got to thinking, “Well, if I really needed this reminder today and if I had fallen into this trap of tying myself up in knots and delaying getting a really important piece of work done because I was slipping into my perfectionist tendencies, perhaps you would benefit from the same reminder.”

So I’d like to ask you, what are you currently working on that you are allowing to be delayed or that you’re being stuck about because of a tendency to want to get it perfect?

Can you commit to adopting the mantra “Good enough for now”, knowing that your good enough – is actually perfect for so many of the people who are going to benefit from it?  And also with the knowledge that you can go back at any time and improve it? For example, my first free giveaway on my website wasn’t great, but I got something up so I was growing my list –  and six months later I recreated it so that it was of a higher quality.   It was the same with my online course.  The first time I ran it I “got it out there”.  The second time I ran it I re-created it to be that little bit better – but at least I got started.

Also ask yourself:  What will be the impact to your business of continuing to delay this, rather than getting it good enough for now?

So here’s my challenge to you today…

What can you get “good enough for now” that you can actually get completed today or this week to keep you moving forward?   I look forward to hearing from you – just post in the comments below!

And if you haven’t done so yet, come and join my free Facebook group, the Selling from the Heart Community, to meet other heart-centred business owners. It’s a supportive and vibrant group. Join us here.

With Love & Gratitude,


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  1. Michele Miller on April 3, 2018 at 10:30 am

    Wow, how timely was this? Thanks Catherine, just what I needed x

    • Catherine on April 9, 2018 at 2:17 am

      Hi Michele
      That’s great that this was so timely. I hope you’ve got some really great “good enough” stuff out since reading it!

  2. Vicki Raven on April 3, 2018 at 11:14 am

    I’m definitely procrastinating right now! I think I have a really good idea with Caterpillars learning groups but I want to get my launch right this time round. But tbh I don’t really know what right looks like or feels like. Plus someone has challenged the price of my class! Aagh!!!! Deep breath…..

    • Catherine on April 9, 2018 at 3:52 am

      Hi Vicki
      Since you don’t know what “right” looks or feels like, what about the possibility that there is no such thing as “right”? Just getting going, seeing what happens, and then using that as feedback to help you tweak it as you go along and to improve it next time around? There are no guarantees, and ultimately the best possible feedback is the response you get from your potential clients – and of course the worst outcome of all would be letting the need to get it “right” prevent you from getting it out there at all.

      • Vicki Raven on March 19, 2019 at 10:44 am

        Hi Catherine,
        I’ve just reread this blog and was surprised to see that I had already commented. The good news is I did get going with Caterpillars. It’s now morphed a bit (expanded?) into Calm Caterpillars Relaxation classes because I responded to a request in a Facebook group. I had the same perfectionist feelings all over again. I didn’t think the first class I ran was very good at all but the following week one of the mums said to me that her daughter had asked her every day if she could go to Caterpillars again. I was delighted. My new challenge is to get the classes ready for a preschool 12 week programme that I have already agreed to do!!!!

        • Catherine on March 19, 2019 at 6:50 pm

          Whoop, that’s brilliant that you got it going Vicki! And you know, it’s amazing how the things we don’t think are perfect at all are just perfect for our clients and customers – so often it’s them that need to remind us (and it’s their opinion that ultimately counts, not ours!)

  3. Alix on April 3, 2018 at 2:38 pm

    Absolutely perfectly (can we use that word? ?) timed Catherine! Thank you for this video today. I am procrastinating on putting my first ever offer out for my business because I want it to be perfect, which then in my mind means I won’t be judged! This is all mindset blocks that I realise and am working on. I’ll just keep chanting ‘good enough’!

    • Catherine on April 10, 2018 at 1:48 am

      Hi Alix
      “Good enough is Perfect” used to be my favourite mantra – now it’s shifted to “good enough for now”. I’m glad that this video was so perfectly timed for you… and hopefully you’ve overcome the procrastination monster and got your offer out to the world by now! And of course remember it doesn’t matter if some people judge you – that’s probably always going to happen. What matters is that you are serving and available to help those people who are your “ideal clients” and who most need your help.

  4. Anne on April 3, 2018 at 6:28 pm

    Thanks, still delaying writing because of worrying that its not good enough…so off to write because it is good enough

    • Catherine on April 10, 2018 at 7:31 am

      Hi Anne
      Great to hear that this video got you moving on your writing – it definitely got me moving on my videos too!

  5. Uschi on April 4, 2018 at 8:34 am

    Thank you for this video Catherine: ‘Good enough for now ‘ is my new screensaver 🙂

    • Catherine on April 10, 2018 at 7:31 am

      Ooh, what a brilliant idea! I really should copy that…. 🙂

  6. Katja on April 5, 2018 at 12:56 pm

    “Good enough is perfect because for clients my 60-70% will be perfect and because this way I am helping myself to not stop but keep moving / to start moving even if I’m not feeling perfectly capable”

    …is my new mantra. Abbreviated to “Good enough is perfect”.

    Thank you, Catherine!

    I was being stuck with just everything for months now, because I never felt perfectly capable to do all of those new things that I need and wish to do!

    • Catherine on April 10, 2018 at 7:33 am

      Hi Katja
      Thanks for taking the trouble to comment, and I’m really happy that this video was an important reminder for you as well as me and that it’s got you unstuck. Because, really, are any of us EVER perfect? And also how often do we expect perfection in others? It’s usually only ourselves that we hold to these unrealistically high standards… here’s to being “good enough”!

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