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Watch my first ever attempt at Facebook Live!

This weekend I finally got over some resistance that had been hanging around for a little while and I recorded my first ever Facebook Live video! Now I can’t take the full credit for getting across that resitance hump. You know, the hesitancy about being that visible, the fear of how I might come across, the not quite being sure…

shiny object syndrome

“Shiny Object Season” is here again

This is an adaptation of a post that I wrote just over a year ago – it feels like it’s “that time of year” again so I’m reposting it as it could act as a timely reminder for you. The post last year was prompted by one of my clients posting in our Facebook group that she hadn’t had time…

Catherine Watkin Video

Today’s Imperfect Action

This morning I caught myself procrastinating over taking action on something. And I’ve been doing it for quite some time – since the beginning of January in fact. When I realised what I was doing it inspired me to create this quick video for you (4 minutes). In case you’ve been doing the same thing. By the way, it’s imperfect…

How not to network

But I don’t need a bicycle (aka “how not to network”)

Last week was a full-on busy social week for me – I spent a lot of it out and about networking. I know a lot of people don’t like that word so a less technical term that I like to use is simply “talking to people”. So last week I did a lot of “talking to people”.  And there was…

100 days of rejection

100 Days of Rejection

How often do you allow your business or your dreams to be held back because of fear of rejection? How many of your clients simply don’t get the help they really need because you are scared they might say “No” – and so you don’t step up to fully serve them? If this sounds like you then you will LOVE…


School’s Out for Summer!

So it’s the first Monday of July and this week has a “schools out” feel here at Selling from the Heart! Because as of Friday my private mentoring group, Business from the Heart has officially broken up for the holidays. This is the first year that I’ve built in a summer break into the programme and I’ve decided to share…


The Business of Walking the Camino

The Business of Walking the Camino – aka “putting one step in front of the other” April was a busy month for me – as well as “business as usual” I managed to fit in a long weekend in North Wales to visit my parents, a 5 day trip to the Camino Santiago in Spain, and my 2 day Selling…


Taking time to celebrate 2014

I’ve been having a bit of a of “déjà vu” moment this morning. Here’s how:  Back in 2013 – on January 18th to be precise – I was having a bit of a stress because I hadn’t sent an email out to my list in literally months.  It had been such a busy year for me putting the foundations under my…


Are You Resisting Packaging your Services?

Something that comes up time and again with clients when they first start working with me is the issue of selling their services as a “package” or “programme” rather than by the hour or session by session. I find that a lot of people struggle at first to get their heads around why it could be so important and even…


Who are you being in 2014?

Let me start by wishing you a belated but very sincere Happy New Year! Belated because after an extended Christmas break in my “spiritual home” of South Goa I seem to be running about 2 weeks behind on everything! And you know, I’m secretly a little proud of myself for that. Sometimes it’s the right thing to do to push…