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Business from the Heart Experience

Congratulations!  I’m really excited you’ve decided to join me for the Business from the Heart Experience!

I just know that this week will be transformational for your business, and you'll come away with a ton of value, new insights, and inspiration. Remember you don't have to attend every event - however, if you DO attend everything you’ll definitely squeeze the most from it – AND there will be fun prizes for attending the evening sessions live!

Please follow the steps below to complete the process:



Check your inbox

Go to the inbox of the email address you just used to sign up.  
Check you have the welcome message and all the information about the week.  (If the email has landed in your spam folder, move it to your safe list to make sure you receive all the recordings from the week!).



Join the Facebook Pop-up Group

I'll be delivering the morning lessons in this special Facebook Group at 10.00am - and you'll be able to cheer each other along here during the week.

Business from the Heart Experience - Facebook Group

Head over to your calendar and schedule your Events!

I'll be delivering the Main Events from Monday to Friday:

Day 1:   7.00pm:   Group Mentoring/Q&A
Day 2:   7.00pm:   Hotseats
Day 3:   1.00pm:   Hearties Meetup
Day 4:   1.00pm:   Group Mentoring/ Q&A
Day 5 :  4.00pm:   Behind the Scenes and Q&A

Join me on the link below (I'll also send this to you in an email!)


I can't wait to share with you this one week experience of what it's like to be one of the "Hearties" inside the Business from the Heart Membership!  It's going to be FUN!  ... and VERY good for your business!

With love,

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