VIP Intensive Day

On your VIP Intensive Day we will meet in Central London or other mutually convenient location  for a full day intensively focused on you and your business.  You will have my undivided attention as we look at where your business is now and where you want it to be.

I will analyse your sales process and approach as well as your marketing strategy and message.  In short we will look at the entire pipeline that leads a client through from stranger to becoming a paying client.  I will then recommend improvements to your sales process and give you full coaching on how to conduct your sales conversations to ensure maximum results. You’d be amazed! Sometimes the smallest tweak can make a huge difference to the bottom line.

We will then enjoy lunch while we give our brains a chance to rest and absorb the morning’s information.

In the afternoon I will work with you more deeply on specific key areas.  This could be tailoring a sales conversation that is unique to your business, helping you construct compelling solutions that emphasise the difference you can make to your clients.  Or it could be working on your client attraction strategy or your message, or structuring your service into an irresistible offer which will get your client really excited about committing to work with you, and give you the security of a steady income. This session will be laser focused on the areas where you need the most support.

You will go away feeling confident about what you are offering and how you are presenting that to your clients, in a way that feels authentic and comfortable in relation to your personal style of doing business.  We will have come up with solutions and approaches to help overcome all the specific challenges that you face when it comes to attracting and converting new paying clients.

If you are having difficulty attracting the right clients in the right numbers, or struggling with having conversations with potential clients that are not translating into business then you can’t afford not to book this session.  And if you are comfortable with your marketing and sales approach but are frustrated because clients are still not converting as well as you think they should I will give you advanced sales advice on how to get your clients lining up eagerly to work with you.  Either way you should recoup this investment in yourself and your business many times over in the months to come.

The one day intensive will be followed up by one 60 minute coaching call to support you in overcoming any challenges that might arise as you implement your the new strategy.

Investment: £3,000 + VAT

Not sure if this is for you?   Contact me for a no obligation 30 minute consultation.

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I very much look forward to working with you to get more clients saying a resounding “yes!” to working with you, more often.

“I spent 3 invaluable hours with Catherine as she talked me through my sales conversations – what I was doing right and what needed adjusting. I came away with loads of practical ideas to improve the process and stop me drifting off into a general coaching session. I can implement all of them immediately in my next call with a prospect – and the key thing is that they all felt comfortable so I won’t be stepping out of my comfort zone to use them.  Catherine certainly knows her stuff and shares her knowledge in an accessible and supportive way.  If you want to learn how to have sales conversations with your prospects that feel comfortable but that also get the results, then look no further!” Cherry Douglas

“As a busy small business coach I am always looking to take on new clients to work with.  After the session with Catherine I wonder how my existing clients ever became my clients in the first place!  I have such a lot of value to offer, and without a solid strategy to communicate this clearly it can be a struggle for potential clients to understand the benefits of what I offer.  I was blown away by all I have learned and can’t wait to put it all into action.  Working with Catherine is an absolute pleasure and I look forward to more than doubling my existing client base as a result.” Sophie Mahir, The Success Coach