Hye-Eun Hills


Thank you very much for the workshop.  It changed my perspective on how to go about dealing with potential new clients and gaining commitment from my existing clients

Mervyn D’souza

Mindfulness Teacher

Learnt alot today. Thanks Catherine. Would highly recommend anyone who is struggling with getting clients to commit to book for the next one.

Daniel Pereira

Biodynamic Massage Therapist

The course with Catherine was just awesome!!!! I have struggled to transmit a clear message to the general public about what I do, and now I feel I have the tools to make a general conversation into a work opportunity.  I highly recommend it to anyone.  Thanks Catherine.

Nami Haghighi

Business Coach & Mentor

You are a star Catherine, just what I needed and learned so much.  I felt so much better about the whole money side of things and as a result of attending the training my rate just went up to reflect the quality of my offering.

Michelle Sweeney-Fenton

Health & Wellness Professional

Thank you for a fantastic day.  I have enjoyed it and can go away and use the system straight away!  I really liked the way that having a structure to follow took away the ‘fear’ around the money issue.

Richard Blisset

Hypnotherapist & Life Coach

Very useful session.  Well worth the money.  Gave me the confidence to sell without feeling as if I was selling.

Nick Bolton

Founder & CEO, The Smart School of Coaching

If you are serious about developing your coaching business then gaining these skills to get your clients saying “Yes” with congruence and authenticity should be one of your number one priorities.

Rani Don

Colonic Hydrotherapist & Nutritionist

Fantastic workshop - really helpful in changing my perspective on how I present my therapy and taking responsibility to offer people the best.

Vanya Marinova

Life Coach

This course brought back the belief that selling from the heart exists.  Thanks for a brilliant presentation.  The workshop changed my way of thinking about my price

Ildiko Patasiova

Food Safety Consultant & Coach

I loved this course.  It was very useful and this skill will help me 100% to secure more new clients

Natalie Wells

Animal Communicator

The subject was well covered and really useful especially learning how sales can come from a more natural place

Khadi Mansaray


The training was interactive and very informative, especially the sections on the structured sales conversation and mindset

Sheila Carnan

School Leadership Consultant

The content of the course was excellent and has given me a lot of confidence about selling my services.  I especially liked your presentation manner and skills - it was very easy for participants to engage and ask questions

Alida Tassone

Confidence & Empowerment Coach

I loved the focus on selling authentically and genuinely.  The whole workshop was very helpful and insightful especially covering the sales conversation step by step.

Emma Carter

Yoga Teacher

Thank you!  I feel inspired and much more confident about promoting and selling my classes.  I have clearer ideas about what to communicate - and how.  Now to go out and get 'em 🙂

Nathalie Patey

Nutritional Therapist

Very good course. Made me think a lot about how I've been doing things. I will definitely change quite a few things in my practice now. Thank you.

Soreh Levy


I attended the course reluctantly but I learned a LOT from it and i'm glad I did it!  I'm feeling more confident about the value of my work and about suggesting courses of treatment

Emma Houldsworth


These workshops have given me the confidence to step forward and start selling my work and know I can be authentic and clear when talking about it - Thankyou!

Sophie Josephs

Reiki & Massage Practitioner

The best result from attending the workshop is a change in my beliefs about asking for payment and it has helped strengthen my value in myself.  Thank you very much.

Abby Allen

Sports Therapist

Your course is money well spent! I've sold three packages this week already. Amazing how just a few hours with you gave me the confidence to just say it! I now know I was avoiding the money conversation which made my clients feel awkward and was doing myself out of business.

Linda Anderson

EFT/Tapping Coach & Trainer

Fabulous workshop, Catherine - what a beautiful and empowering new way to look at sales. For me it was a huge relief to learn that it really is possible to sell from a place of integrity and authenticity, so that selling becomes an act of service rather than a pushy, manipulative manoeuvre that gets people saying 'yes' when it's not appropriate for them. I recommend this course to anyone who has been struggling with sales

Lucy Whittington

Owner, Being a Business Celebrity

‘Catherine is brilliant at sales – it’s most definitely her ‘Thing’! What I love about working with Catherine is that she suggests seemingly little ‘tweaks’ to what you are already doing that then give you a hugely improved result’

Allison Marlowe

Founder, Winning Women

“I’m delighted to be partnering with Catherine for this exclusive webinar. As women entreprenuers, we absolutely need to become comfortable around sales if we truly desire to get our gifts out into the world and serve others. When you learn Catherine’s approach you will never feel salesy again.”

Nuwan Bodhinayake

Health Practitioner & Coach

Thanks to Catherine Watkin for a great day of training.  Really useful insights from someone who understands that selling our services does not have to be awkward or pushy.  Great for those of us who are “funny about money.