Women in Business West Kent – 29th September – 7.30pm


“How to Fall in Love with Sales”

Do you hate selling? If so, come along to our September meeting and learn from sales expert Catherine Watkin.

During this talk Catherine you will discover:

* 3 key things you can do to help you fall in love with sales – including how easy they are to implement.

Catherine will create a shift in your thinking and mindset around sales so, instead of something for you to dread and the client to avoid, sales conversations become something you both can look forward to.

And how you can apply this approach to just about any sales situation to ensure that it feels smooth, graceful and effortless.

As well as sharing her values and philosophy that enable her to enrol clients who love the interaction and happily sign up for her services without feeling sold to Catherine will also be holding an Open Q&A so that you can ask her questions about anything you struggle with when it comes to selling your services or products – whether it’s getting your pricing right, following up from networking, how to tell is someone is seriously interested or just being polite, what to do if the client doesn’t get back to you… anything at all that is keeping you stuck when it comes to getting more clients saying a delighted “yes please!” to working with you or buying from you.

Catherine Watkin, founder of Selling from the Heart, is the UK’s leading expert in heart-centred and authentic sales. She works with heart-centred business owners who are gifted and passionate about what they do, but struggle in business because they feel awkward when it comes to selling their services. She teaches them how to have effective sales conversations that feel authentic and comfortable – and get great results. Catherine is an authentic and inspiring speaker with an important message and is a role model for how it is possible to create a successful business without resorting to sleazy or manipulative sales and marketing techniques.

Royal Wells
Tun Wells

7.30pm, Thursday 29th September 2016


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