Startup Mums Exchange, London – 11th October – 7.30pm


Selling from the Heart: How to sell in a way that feels Authentic and Comfortable

Do you love what you do but feel uncomfortable when it comes to the sales part?

Do you find yourself avoiding sales conversations altogether because the last thing you want to do is appear manipulative or pushy?

Maybe you went into business because you want to make a difference but find yourself frustrated and struggling to get enough clients because you don’t feel comfortable applying manipulative sales and marketing techniques?

If this sounds like you then you won’t want to miss our next Exchange featuring Catherine Watkin, an expert in what she calls “Selling from the Heart”.

Catherine says that one of the biggest problems faced by most heart-centred business owners is that they’ve never been shown how to gain clients in a way that feels good – for both you and the client. Traditional sales approaches often just “don’t feel right”, and without knowing that there is a different way it’s easy to just avoid selling altogether.

In her talk Catherine will show you how you CAN have heart- centred sales conversations with full integrity that lead your clients effortlessly to a decision to work with you – and not only that but feel really excited about their decision!

She’s going to share with us:

  • Why it’s time to let go of the old paradigm of traditional sales – and why buying into these old sales myths could be costing you business
  • A new way of thinking about sales and selling that will massively increase your confidence and ease when speaking to new clients
  • How to have effective heart-centred sales conversations that get you brilliant results… including the 4 key elements that you need to have in place to create magic!
  • Key things to do (and not do!) to ensure you never come across as pushy. Implement these simple pieces of advice and you’ll never need to worry about being pushy again.

You will walk away from this talk with a shift in the way that you think and feel about selling your products and services, as well as plenty of tips and advice that you can go away and implement straight away to help you get more clients saying “yes please!” to working with you.

And in case you are wondering, Catherine’s form of heart-centred selling isn’t about learning ‘soft and fluffy’ techniques that help you feel better about yourself but still leave you without clients – her approach is practical and grounded and will definitely get you results.

Startup Mums is a group for North London, business-minded mums to connect and network with each other in a friendly, relaxed environment. If you work for yourself, run your own business or are thinking about starting one, you are very welcome to join us. You do not need to own a business to attend.

We host guest speakers (some are even part of our Startup Mums Community) to share expert knowledge and tips to help and inspire you in your business journey.

Victoria Stakes, 1 Muswell Hill, N10 3TH London

7.30 – 9.00pm, Thursday 29th September 2016


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