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My Clients Can’t Afford Me

This is a story about me and my business. But it is also a story about you. You see, my clients can’t afford to work with me. Let me tell you more: There is a particular type of person who I feel most strongly called to work with and with whom I do my best…


When is a Client not a Client?

paying client

You know you have those phrases that you find yourself saying so often that they almost become one of your personal mantras? Well, this is a post about one of mine. You see, I frequently have clients that post in one of my private Facebook groups something like this: “Yay!  I’ve got a new client! …


Client in the Spotlight – Aly Harrold

Aly Harrold

I’m absolutely delighted to introduce my first Client in the Spotlight for 2016. Being able to introduce you to my clients and their thriving heart-centred businesses is such an honour for me and I hope you find their journeys and insights helpful. Today I’m talking to Aly Harold: Aly Harrold – Coaching for Public Speaking Please introduce yourself…


How to stop Chasing your Clients

Stop chasing clients

As I like to remind my clients, the sales process is an awful lot like the dating process. And if there is one thing that’s guaranteed to be a complete “turn off” for your potential client, it’s when you get into “chasing” mode. You know what I mean: 3 calls to their mobile in a…


Client in the Spotlight: Annette Self

Annette Self

I introduced a new series called Client in the Spotlight last month and I’ve been delighted with the positive feedback from you all – it’s gone down a storm.  I’m so glad that I’m able to showcase the real “stars of the show” – my clients who are making a success of their heart-centred businesses. So…


Who are you being in 2014?

Let me start by wishing you a belated but very sincere Happy New Year! Belated because after an extended Christmas break in my “spiritual home” of South Goa I seem to be running about 2 weeks behind on everything! And you know, I’m secretly a little proud of myself for that. Sometimes it’s the right…