“You’re just too expensive”

A woman with a hammer breaking a piggy bank on a blue background with stacks of coins vector flat design illustration. For the blog: "You're too expensive."

Todays article is about what happens when you get to the end of the sales conversation, things are going beautifully and you are feeling excited because you can just see what a difference working with you is going to make to this client.  But then instead of an excited “Yes [...]

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Celebrate your Problems!

Many years ago when I first got introduced to the world of personal development I trained with a mentor who used to say “Successful people don’t stop having problems.  They just have better quality problems” What he meant was that life and business are never going to be easy and [...]

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A Confused Mind Says “No”

As you know, I want my role in your life to be to help you get more clients saying “Yes Please!” to working with you. This doesn’t only mean doing the things you need to do to guide them naturally to a Yes.   It also means NOT doing those [...]

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