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Why selling by the session hurts everyone

Why selling by the session hurts everybody

Today I want to talk to you about why selling your services by the session or by the hour is not only hurting your business, but it’s also hurting your clients. I’ve had two recent personal experiences that have really highlighted this for me and have inspired me to record this video for you. Watch…


Getting the “Internal Yes”

Getting the internal yes

When I’m asked what the difference is between my style of heart-centred sales and the more traditional sales techniques you can learn elsewhere, there is one really big distinction for me… It’s the difference between the internal “yes” that you get from a more heart-centred conversation and the sort of “yes” that comes as a result…


Understanding the “No”

Understanding the "No"

Today I want to talk to you about understanding the “No” that you sometimes get at the end of a sales conversation. I’ve noticed a tendency amongst my clients to beat themselves up if a potential client says that “No”. They question themselves, thinking they did something wrong or that they are a failure because…


Why trying to be visible is hurting your business

Why being visible is hurting your business

I want to talk about something that’s been troubling me for a little while now. It’s the idea that you have to be visible if you want your business to work, and how for some of us this idea could actually be hurting our businesses. Watch the video below or scroll down to read more. In…


Crafting Your Captivating Introduction

Captivating Introduction

One of the things I’m most frequently asked about when attending an event as an expert or taking questions from members of my community is some variation of: “How do I pitch my business when I’m out networking?” or “Can you help me with my Elevator Pitch”. So I want to address that for you…


How to set the right price for your services

How to set prices for your services

I haven’t talked about pricing for a while but I know that this is an issue for many of you.  Whenever I’ve done a survey to ask what you want more help with pricing is right up there in the top 3.   And it’s an area of confusion for many of my clients too. I…


“You’re just too expensive”

Todays article is about what happens when you get to the end of the sales conversation, things are going beautifully and you are feeling excited because you can just see what a difference working with you is going to make to this client.  But then instead of an excited “Yes please!” what you hear instead…


Why is sales so difficult when you care?

I’ve been flying below the radar a bit just recently.  In fact it’s been a whole month (blimey, how did that happen??) since I last wrote an article for the blog. I wish I could say it was down to this glorious British summer and that I’ve been too busy basking by the pool at…


Should you “fire” your difficult client?

Should you fire difficult client

One of the things you get better at as your sales process improves is learning how to sign up only your most ideal clients – the ones who you most love working with, and with whom you get the best results.   You get better at screening out those clients who are going to become a…


Celebrate your Problems!

Celebrate Problems

Many years ago when I first got introduced to the world of personal development I trained with a mentor who used to say: “Successful people don’t stop having problems.  They just have better quality problems” What he meant was that life and business are never going to be easy and smooth and we are always…


A Confused Mind Says “No”

Confused Mind

As you know, I want my role in your life to be to help you get more clients saying “Yes Please!” to working with you. This doesn’t only mean doing the things you need to do to guide them naturally to a Yes.   It also means NOT doing those things that you might unwittingly…


The Forgotten Magic of “Talking to People”

Talking to people

Last week I wrote about the importance of getting a decision on the spot from a client during a sales conversation.  But I know that for some of you this raises another question: “It’s all very well talking about getting decisions on the spot but I’m not getting the conversations in the first place.” And…