About Me

Hello and Welcome,

If you’re visiting this page I’m guessing you’re curious about me and why it is I’m teaching you this stuff about how to get more clients in a ‘heart-centred’ way.

I feel passionately about giving other heart-centred business owners the tools you need to create the business and lifestyle you dream of from your passion and desire to make a difference.

And I believe that the ability to sell congruently is a skill you must have if you are going to be successful.

I’ve worked in sales pretty much all my working life – that’s about 19 years.  Yet even when working in industries traditionally known to be ‘cut-throat’ it was always important to me to work with integrity and honesty.  Doing what was best for others was always a higher priority than getting a sale at any cost.  Unusual maybe, but my sales figures didn’t suffer for this at all – in fact I was hugely successful, often the top salesperson in the company.

This meant that I was highly paid and materially successful.  But there was a problem.

I suffered daily from the pain of feeling my life was passing me by and that there was so much more I had to give.  I was doing things I wasn’t passionate about.  And I’m sure this will sound familiar to you.  I eventually found the courage to take stock and look at my life afresh.

I embarked on a journey of self-discovery which saw me spend a long time in India where I studied reiki, acupuncture and ayurveda and qualified as a yoga teacher.  On my return to the UK I embarked on study in nutrition, NLP, hypnotherapy and life coaching.   So I soon found myself back in sales, but this time in a totally different capacity – selling my own coaching and therapy services!  I had a lot to learn about marketing, but when it came to the sales part that was easy for me.  I took it for granted that if a potential client responded to an advertisement, or showed a genuine interest when I met them networking they would become a paying client.  It really felt as simple as that – if they enquired, they were a client!

So I was surprised when I realised just how difficult other female business owners were finding it to get clients to commit to working with them – approaches that I took for granted were an unknown mystery to them, and I would constantly get asked how I did it.

So now I combine my sales skills with my first hand understanding of the challenges faced by heart-centred business owners who are trying to build a successful business from their passion.

I teach you how to get more clients to say ‘yes!’ to working with you, in a way that feels authentic and congruent rather than ‘salesy’ – I call it Selling from the Heart.

Thank you so much for taking the time to find out more about me and I look forward to meeting you at one of my workshops or events.