Selling from the Heart – Get More Clients Saying “Yes Please!”

As a heart-centred business owner I’m guessing you started your business because you’re passionate about what you do and wanted to make a difference.  But perhaps your efforts aren’t always reflected in the number of clients saying “Yes!” to working with you?

In fact, selling what you do can be a bit of a chore, can’t it?

Especially for those of us who don’t like to feel ‘pushy’.

Between you and me, I think we’d all be very happy if clients just said “yes, I would love to work with you!” without the uncomfortable stuff that goes before it!

Now, while I can’t make it quite that simple for you, I can make it a whole lot easier.

You see, I work with heart-centred business owners like you, who want a great business but don’t want to compromise their integrity.  I help you get more clients saying “yes please” in a way that feels authentic and comfortable – and best of all –  gets amazing results. It’s almost effortless once you know how.

Of course, like anything, you need to learn some specific skills and approaches to help you go from struggling with getting clients to having a simple and effective sales conversation that feels good for you both – and gets great results. And that’s where I come in. Working together with me you’ll learn how to:

  • Have relaxed, purposeful sales conversations
  • Feel comfortable around the money stuff
  • Get round difficult moments like “I need to think about it”
  • Get more clients saying “yes!”
  • And yes, even have fun doing it!

It’s simple yet powerful, and very effective – I call it ‘Selling from the Heart’

So let’s get you started on your journey to getting more clients today. Pop your details in the box opposite and I’ll give you my free video E-course “7 Steps to Yes”: Get More Clients Saying “Yes Please!” Without Being Pushy.

I look forward to hearing how you get on.


Catherine’s natural ability to create connection and serve from the heart enables her to sell in an authentic way that truly inspires people. Catherine takes people on a journey that leads them to make a choice based on what they would love, rather than their fears. This truly is selling – or serving – from the heart.  This is a gift and if you have the opportunity to learn from someone who can do this effortlessly  –  then what are you waiting for? Kelly Oldershaw Co-founder of The Chrysalis Effect, M.E, CFS & Fibromyalgia Recovery & Practitioner Training Programme